Google Apps And Gmail Problems Resurface

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Some people check their email once an hour.  Others, every five minutes.  But a recent Google Apps outage made a number of accounts inaccessible for around 30 hours, and a prominent blogger had his account disabled to boot.

Neither episode will help Google’s reputation on the reliability front.  Another Google Apps outage occurred a little less than two months ago, and since it lasted about 15 hours, the problems almost appear to be getting worse.  Also, although Google offered users of the Premier Edition a free extension of service following that breakdown, some sort of compensation has yet to be offered this time around.

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Here are the details of the latest round of issues, anyway.  Eric Zeman reports, "Starting at some point Wednesday afternoon, users noticed that they were unable to log into their Google accounts.  Rather than accepting their sign-in credentials, users were met with a ‘502 error’ message from Google."

As for the disabled account, it was Search Engine Journal’s Loren Baker who was affected yesterday, and his problem seems to have lasted for 15 hours.  He noted that business associates received the somewhat embarrassing message "Technical details of permanent failure: Account disabled" during this time.

More than a few folks are likely to establish backup accounts with Yahoo and Microsoft due to these problems, and a handful may move away from Google altogether.  Still, in the grand scheme of things, not much is liable to change at this point, and Google fans can at least note that the downtime experts at Pingdom are highlighting little-known products instead of harping on difficulties.

Google Apps And Gmail Problems Resurface
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  • Guest

    Haven’t been able to login for 3-days…account disabled. I my case its because there was a security issue with Google Checkout…the worthless redundant buying service that I signed up for to get 10% off some gear. What a fool. The Googlesphere is inherently evil and here’s why. They promote trust that lures users with awesome free cloud computing service. I foolishly trusted Google and used Gmail, Docs, and Picassa to safeguard my data. Now, because of some BS Checkout problem, they’ve locked me away from my data. IMAP made the situation far worse, since I now have lost 3-years worth of email data. INSANE. I blasted the cheerleaders at Lifehacker who promote all things Google. I suggest that anyone who suffers a similar fate do the same. The word needs to get out that Google can’t be trusted.

  • Guest

    I got locked out of my GOOGLE MAIL account on 8 June 2010, “Temporary
    Suspension.” I did a search for this, seems like thousands or tens of thousands of
    Gmail users are being locked out in similar fashion w/o any warning. It is immediate, and
    no reason is ever given.

    I was idiotic enough to trust Google and have all of my contact information and E-mail
    with them online only. No downloaded back-ups saved on my own hard drive. Ouch!!

    I was given the choice to use my home phone number and get an “ACTIVATION CODE”
    telephoned to me by Google. As soon as I put in the number and clicked, the phone rang
    and gave me a five digit number. Trouble is, nowehere does it say what do you suppose to
    do with it? I mean, I can either replace my USERS NAME with it, or my PASSWORD. I tried
    it both ways, but I was told that the stuff does not match. So, I am still locked-out
    “temporarily.” Locked out of Gmal and also out of YouTube. What do I do with the activation code, where do I use it exactly to unlock the Gmail account? Any clue?

    Whatever happens, from this point on I will not rely on any “free” E-mail
    server, see what happens. Supposedly, you can actually BUY E-mail server space for
    something like $8 a year, or some such crazy low amount, I am not sure what these are
    called exactly and where does one find them? In other words, dedicated pay-type E-mail
    hosting only with a unique E-mailaddress, not web hosting.

    Also, there used to be something called THUNDERBIRD and another one maybe MS OUTLOOK, I
    understand with those you can downaaod all of your incoming, sent, and saved E-mail
    messages locally to your hard drive. Unfortunately, I did not do that with my Google mail
    account, so now I am suffering.


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