Google, Apple, Napster Sued By VOD Company

    January 2, 2007

When it comes to litigation, I remember the lessons of one Steve Dallas – only sue those who have deep pockets. Apparently, video-on-demand (VOD) specialist Intertainer received the same lesson and has decided to act on it.

According to, Intertainer is suing Google, Apple, and Napster because of the method(s) used by these companies to distribute “distribute entertainment”. In their complaint, Intertainer claims the companies in question violate a patent that was issued in August of 2005.

The patent covers what Bloomberg calls a “digital entertainment service platform”.

Apparently, Intertainer feels the accused companies are copying digital delivery methods from the patent and they want to be lavishly rewarded. In order to facilitate this potential windfall, Intertainer worded their complaint in such a way the presiding judge can triple any jury-awarded reward. The wording includes the phrase “willful and deliberate”.

Bloomberg’s article goes on to reveal Napster and Apple have no comments to share about Intertainer’s lawsuit. The Google spokesperson revealed the Mountain View company had not been served with any complaint from Intertainer.

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