Google Announces Winners Of Website Workout Contest

    January 14, 2009

Google’s Website Optimizer works, and the company really, really wants you to know it.  The winners of the Google Website Workout contest – which challenged businesses to use the tool and improve their conversion rates – have been announced in just about every place possible, giving both them and Website Optimizer all sorts of publicity.

Feel like wading through a lot of words?  If so, visit the Official Google Website Optimizer Blog, Inside AdWords, the Official Google Blog, and the Official Google Analytics Blog.  Different posts have been published on all of them.

The PR push doesn’t seem as self-serving as it could, though, since the contest’s four winners – Colonial Candle, Extra Storage Space, Outrigger Hotels & Results, and Team in Training – are sure to benefit.  There’s also the matter of how it could help you.

Website Optimizer is a free tool, after all, and website owners may be able to achieve some impressive things by using it.  By just studying the contest results, for example, the Inside AdWords post suggests that a person "can find out how Colonial Candle improved sales, Outrigger Hotels & Resorts increased reservations, and Team in Training gained valuable insights into their visitors’ preferences."  Extra Storage Space booked more units, too.

So consider bowing to Google’s press machine and giving Website Optimizer a shot.  Who knows – do well enough with it, and maybe your story will get spread across five or six corporate blogs.