Google's New Mobile Ad Formats, Flash-to-HTML5 Tools

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Recognizing that display ads don't always translate well from the desktop to mobile devices, Google announced on Monday that it will be launching several new mobile display formats and tools across the Google Display Network, the AdMob Network, and DoubleClick over the coming months.

New formats include: mobile lightbox engagement ads, TrueView video ads for the AdMob network, an anchor ad format, and a magazine-style text ad format.

"Mobile lightbox Engagement Ads use your existing brand assets to automatically create engaging rich media ads in HTML5 that run seamlessly across devices and screens," explains Jonathan Alferness, Director of Product Management for Mobile Display Ads at Google. "The ads will dynamically resize to fit any ad size, making them quick-to-create, and you only pay when users engage. We built a demo of this new format for Kate Spade's upcoming holiday campaign. These will soon be available in the AdWords Ad Gallery."

google new mobile engagement ads

The TrueView ads were already available for gaming apps in the AdMob network, but Google is expanding them to more apps.

TrueView video ad for mobile

The anchor ads are mobile web ads that sit at the bottom of the screen on a mobile device. They stay anchored there as the user scrolls, but can be dismissed.

The magazine-style text ad was already available for mobile websites, but Google is extending it as an interstitial in-app format for the AdMob network.

mobile magazine style text ads

"These next generation mobile formats will make it easier for advertisers to build beautiful and engaging mobile ads that work across screens, but we also wanted to make it easier to do more with your existing ads designed for desktop," says Alferness. "We've developed three new tools, that will be available in the coming months, to convert your existing ads into versions that will work across screens and devices."

There's an auto-resizing tool for the Google Display Network, which automatically creates new sizes of image ads including mobile-specific ad sizes.

There are Flash-to-HTML5 conversion tools for the Google Display Network and DoubleClick Campaign Manager, as well as 29 HTML5 in-app formats in DoubleClick Studio Layouts.

On interactive HTML5 backups when Flash isn’t supported, Google says, "The Flash-to-HTML5 conversion tools for the Google Display Network and DoubleClick Campaign Manager will automatically create an HTML5 version of your Flash ads. When these ads are served on a device or browser that doesn’t support Flash, the system can show the interactive HTML5 ad instead of a static image backup."

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