Google Announces New Chromebooks For The Holidays


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The Chromebook has had a successful year thanks in part to how affordable Google's notebooks are. It's hard to argue against a $199 notebook that can do almost everything you would normally do on the Web. Now Google and its partners are ready to continue that momentum with all new Chromebooks.

Google and Intel announced on Wednesday that its manufacturing partners are releasing a number of Chromebooks this holiday season. These new Chromebooks will be equipped with Intel's new Haswell processors that promise at least twice the battery life over previous Intel CPUs.

Starting with Acer and HP, these preexisting Chromebook partners will be shipping out all new Chromebooks this holiday season. The HP Chromebook 14 is a lot like HP's previous Chromebook, but it has a little over twice the battery life thanks to the new Haswell CPU.

As for Acer, it's new Chromebook is also a lot like its previous one. The difference is that it also sports twice the battery life of its previous generation Chromebook while being thinner and weighing less.

Aside from the Acer and HP Chromebooks, Google has also partnered up with Toshiba and Asus to make Chromebooks. We don't know much about these devices just yet, but Google says that the Toshiba Chromebook is versatile and portable. As for Asus, it's making a Chromebox - a small computer that can plug and play into any monitor.

Google says it now offers Chromebooks from six of the top notebook manufacturers. That's something to be proud of as Chromebooks are still relatively new, but have already become one of the best selling computers in the low-price market. It shows that OEMs are increasingly putting more faith in Chromebooks as the traditional notebook market continues to decline.

[Image: Google Chrome Blog]