Google Announces 6 Billion Item Index

    February 17, 2004

Google, the search engine named after the mathematical term for a very large number (“googol”), announced today that it has expanded its index to include 6 billion items.

“People worldwide can find more information with Google than with any other search engine,” boasts Larry Page, Google co-founder and president of Products.

The 6 billion “items” included in the Google web index are comprised of 4.28 billion web pages, 845 million Usenet messages, several information pages related to books, and an image index that has doubled to include over 880 million images.

As if those numbers aren’t impressive enough, Google offers a wide variety of options for its searchers. Priding itself on relevant results, Google, which swept the 2004 Search Engine Watch Awards, offers services including: Google Web Search, which implements “powerful and scalable” technology and is capable of searching non-HTML file formats such as PDF, Microsoft Office, and Corel; Google Image Search, with advanced features allowing users to search by file size, format, coloration, and more; Google Groups, a 20-year Usenet conversation archive; and the newest feature, Google Print, a service allowing users to access book-related information.

This is just the latest accomplishment by the world’s most popular search engine in an effort to keep its searchers coming back for more.

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