Google and Microsoft Competing for Twitter Deal?

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Kara Swisher at Boomtown claims to have a scoop from "many sources with knowledge of the situation" that Google and Microsoft are battling for a search advertising deal with Twitter. Swisher recently dispelled rumors that Google was close to acquiring Twitter, but the "talks" that the two companies were in could have easily been regarding something like this.

Kara Swisher
Kara Swisher

It makes sense that Microsoft would be involved too. They did get Facebook (in the US). Henry Blodget at Silicon Alley Insider seems to favor Microsoft getting the deal. He writes:

The chosen "partner" will presumably be given the exclusive right to put search ads on Twitter’s pages.  If Microsoft behaves the way it usually does in these situations, it will pay whatever it takes to "win" the deal.  Google, meanwhile, still smarting from getting taken to the cleaners on a disappointing MySpace deal, will probably be gun shy.

So Twitter will do its best to persuade Microsoft that Google is willing to break the bank, and Google probably won’t do anything to discourage that spin.  And, in the end, Microsoft will probably be the one to break the bank and "win" a big exclusive search deal with bad economics.

Swisher says her sources indicate that Twitter will begin several weeks of "testing" search ads with one of the companies first. Whether such testing could potentially lead to an acquisition remains to be seen, but perhaps the prospect of a search advertising deal will calm down the talk of an all out acquisition for the time being.

Google and Microsoft Competing for Twitter Deal?
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  • http://blog.hichamaged.net/ Hicham

    The two gaints are quarreling and the users are screaming! Are we going to see ads over ‘twitter‘ too! Too bad!

  • http://philmiranda.com phil miranda

    Phil Miranda here…Great article, ti’s just a matter of time when these two behemoths get their way with Twitter!

  • ew keane

    Lets hope not. Those two social engineering firms only want to use
    twitter activity as raw data for sale to hustlers and other hawkers
    of of spurious goods.

    But if they do hit the sack with one or the other, I’d quit twitter.

  • http://www.seo-go.co.uk Anthony Johnson (Seo Go)

    Google,Msn,Yahoo? No Chance, Twitter is Twitter becuase it is a portal for voyourism.
    Companies like Google Msn and Yahoo (maybe Not Yahoo) have a strong structure to stop this sort of intrution into peoples live even if you want it.
    Isnt that a conflict of intrests?
    If These Companies were to take on this crazy fad surley it would show that all they are intrested in is more internt presence and not as promoted “organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful” how usefull is twitter?
    Anthony Johnson.

  • http://www.spreadingyourknowledge.com almir

    i hope that twitter doesn’t decide to sell their company to microsoft or google because they would completely change twitters look and use which might effect the overall users of the service which would really impact the use

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