Google And Auto Dialers

    December 11, 2006

Is Google spamming AdWords members with auto dialing technology? According to a WebmasterWorld post pointed out by Threadwatch, it certainly appears as if that’s the case. The poster in question, who happens to be an AdWords member, received an automated phone call from the search engine that won’t quit (the caller ID said Google), saying:

“Please press 1 if you spend less than $5000 per month, Please press 2 if you have the budget to spend $5000 or more per month and are interested in our Premium Services. Please press 3 if you are interested in job opportunities.”

The poster selected the second option and was then transferred to a voicemail service. Next, the poster selected 0 in order to talk to the operator and was transferred to Google’s Chicago office and was again prompted to leave a voicemail. 5 minutes later, the process was repeated.

Does this mean Google is using auto dialers to solicit their AdWords clients? If so, what does this say about the company that’s supposed to abhor spam in all forms? Are telemarketing tactics really necessary for Google to entice AdWords members to spend more? I would think the size of the PPC campaign would dictate that much more than an unwanted automated phone call… but what do I know?