Google Analytics Upgraded Left And Right

    October 22, 2008

Google seems to be embracing the Halloween spirit a little early this year.  Its announcement regarding two new Analytics features might be interpreted as a trick, for example, since they’re in private beta without a release date.  Then, for a treat, there’s not one but four new features that should arrive much sooner.

How’s advanced segmentation sound?  This first of the four "enables you to isolate and analyze subsets of your traffic," according to a post made on the Google Analytics Blog.  "It is true on-the-fly segmentation of visits so that you can create powerful filters with a few mouse-clicks. . . .  Then, you can apply one or more of these segments to current or historical data, and even compare segment performance side by side in reports."

The second feature, custom reports, allows for still more user input.  Motion charts will display everything in an easy-to-understand (and interesting) visual format.  Finally, a new account management dashboard promises to make everything more accessible and easier to understand.

As for the stuff "scheduled for a more gradual full release," a data export API will allow developers and random individuals to try their hands at creating new programs and applications.  Integration with AdSense is self-explanatory and has topped request lists for a long time.

So go sign into Google Analytics to see exactly what the search giant put in your goody bag.  And if you’re not lusting after the last two features, consider the real joke to be on Yahoo, which was trying to address some of the same issues with the upcoming Yahoo Web Analytics product.