Google Analytics "Undergoing Maintenance"

    November 14, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

It looks like a hiccup developed in the Google Analytics launch. When checking your stats Google is providing an error message:

Currently Undergoing Maintenance

Google Analytics reporting is currently undergoing maintenance and will be available shortly. Your site traffic is being logged and you will be able to see the data after system maintenance has concluded.

I’m sure Google will get it worked out but this is unusual for Google. Most of their products such as Gmail were launched without a major hitch. I suspect that Google underestimated the quick utilization of the service by high traffic sites. It hasn’t affected the entire Google server farm because their search is still lightning fast.

Update: Google has changed their error message as follows:

We’re upgrading accounts. Please come back later.

Thanks for stopping by. We are currently migrating existing customers to the newly improved Google Analytics service. This process will be completed later this afternoon. Please come back then to sign up for Google Analytics.

Is anyone else seeing these messages?