Google Analytics Receives Upgrade

    May 8, 2007

Google has rolled out a new version of its Google Analytics. The new version was announced today at the EMetrics Summit in San Francisco.

Google Analytics allows executives, marketers and Web site owners examine how their users interact with their Web site and help increase online business. The company has done a total redesign on the product and improved the feature set through new email reporting, customizable dashboards, map displays, and plain language descriptions to make information easier to access.

“At Geffen Records, we use Google Analytics to determine what website content is most valuable to music fans so we can craft the most effective marketing strategies," said Aaron Foreman, Head of Digital Media, Geffen Records.

"As an early adopter of the new version of Google Analytics, we are impressed with the richness of the data and its ease of use that provides us with the most important information immediately,” said Lee Hammond, Director of Digital Technology, Geffen Records.

In the new version of Google Analytics, data is organized into combinations of reports, so users can make decisions about site management and Google AdWords campaigns. Google Analytics tracks online marketing campaigns and generates email reports that can be shared with co-workers.

Beginning today new users will have access to the updated version. Current users will be able to access the old version and the new version for 30 days and all historical data will be available in the new version.

“At Google, we’re focused on building powerful tools to help advertisers measure the effectiveness of their marketing dollars and optimize their business," said Paul Muret, Engineering Director, Google.

"The new version of Google Analytics will give advertisers and site owners greater insight into their customers’ needs, thereby increasing advertiser ROI while also improving the e-commerce experience of consumers."