Google Analytics Gets Event Tracking Advanced Segments

    July 27, 2009
    Chris Crum

Google announced today that users tracking events on their site using Google Analytics can now define advanced segments to isolate event-related sites. The company points to an example of looking at how visits with events compares to visits overall.
"The variety of event related segments that you can create is only limited by the event details you track," says Alden DeSoto of the Google Analytics Team. "So, if you track video interactions, you can create segments that only include visits during which videos were viewed."

Watch the following clip to get a better grasp:

To define advanced segments to isolate event-related visits, you would define one that only includes visits with events (set "total events greater than 0" for your condition), then make it active. Then you’ll be able to compare All Visits vs. Visits with Events in your reports.

Google has an event tracking guide set up that goes through set-up, the anatomy of event tracking, and implementation considerations. This document should pretty much provide you with all you need to know on the subject.