Google Analytics ‘Coffee Table Book’ Debuts

    October 4, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

I’m not sure what constitutes a "coffee table" book in Mountain View, or wherever there might be another high concentration of Internet professionals, but an e-book on Google Analytics wouldn’t make the definition in my house. I prefer my etymological dictionary because I am an entirely different kind of geek.

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Google Analytics ‘Coffee Table Book’ Debuts

The word "abnormal," for instance, is a mutant, a fact I learned from my beloved dictionary I keep on my coffee table; if it had developed according to proper Latin structures, we should be saying anormal, which makes the word "abnormal" abnormal, and that makes me laugh.

And whose brain would have been transferred into Young Frankenstein’s monster’s skull? 

Ahem. As I was saying, the downloadable 85-page e-book Google Analytics Shortcut written by Google-trusted Justin Cutroni and published by O’Reilly Media is available to anybody with an extra ten bucks and a coffee table not too cluttered with PS3 controllers, Starbucks cups, and Sergey Brin action figures.

Cutroni is a Google Analytics Authorized Consultant with Epikone, who Google Analytics Sr. Manager Brett Crosby says "always impresses me with his industry knowledge and how many subtle details he knows about Google Analytics."

Crosby’s also the one that called it "a coffee table book."

Seeing as chapter one is entitled "Getting Setup Correct," maybe one day Cutroni will also show a mastery of the adverb. That might be unfair. "Setup" could be a noun and not an adjective, depending on the context, in which case it’s all good, and I’ll go back to my dictionary in relative peace, sniffing indignantly.

The point of it was, in case you missed it, a Googler is endorsing a book about Google Analytics, which is probably a pretty good case for getting it if you want to learn about more.