Google Analytics, Chromium Receive Language Upgrades


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The folks in charge of science fiction movies that are currently in development may, for the sake of accuracy, want to feature Google's name on any universal translators.  The company's continued to move forward in its work with languages by tweaking Google Analytics and a build of Chromium.

Google LogoLet's first talk about what might be viewed as a finished product.  Late last week, Google Analytics became available in six more languages (Bulgarian, Catalan, Greek, Lithuanian, Slovak, and Vietnamese), and this should, of course, allow many more people to become users (and maybe first-time advertisers).

The ramifications of the other development are a little harder to pin down.  Lee Mathews reported this morning, "You can now enable auto-translation of pages in Chromium.  Just add the --auto-translate switch to your Chromium shortcut and head over to a foreign language web page to test it out.  A Google Translate bar will appear, and you can then click the button to convert all text on the page."

It's hard to say for sure if Chrome will get this feature, and almost impossible to make a guess about the timeframe of any implementation.

Still, Google's continuing to show a definite interest in letting all sorts of people use its products for the sake of learning about all sorts of things.

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