Google Analytics Adds Graphing, E-Commerce

    December 14, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

Another round of holiday goodies arrived from Google for webamsters, this time in the form of updates to the Google Analytics service.

Google Analytics

More ways to play with the data in Google Analytics means the detail-obsessive types have access to multi-point data graphing. The feature provides webmasters with a way to compare a couple of metrics and see where they stand.

"For example, you might want to see how your AdWords traffic compares with your site average or how one conversion goal compares to another over time," Alden DeSoto wrote at the Google Analytics blog.

There’s also a new page tag in down, as Google wipes away the final remnant of the old Urchin name. Ga.js allows for more readable tracking of e-commerce transactions.

The new ga.js doesn’t play nicely with the old urchin.js tags, so websites can’t use both on the same page. It’s ‘either or’ and the enhanced e-commerce features of ga.js probably make it the more desirable one to use.

As a sidenote, Google added six more languages to those they support for Analytics. Thai, Filipino, Indonesian, Czech, Hungarian, and Portuguese (Portugal) now have a home among the 25 languages in the product.


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