Google Almost At 80 Percent In Europe

    May 7, 2008

Europe’s full of different countries, and all that impressive European Union stuff aside, it’s hard to believe they’ve got much in common.  Yet judging from new comScore statistics, it seems as if Google is the sort of thing that’ll generate smiles, or at least recognition, everywhere.

With a 79.2 percent share of the European search market in March, Google easily qualifies as the top European search property.  More than 19 billion searches were conducted using its sites during this one month alone.

comScore Europe
 comScore’s European Search Stats
 (Photo Credit: comScore)

eBay, strangely enough, ranked second, with 752 million searches and 3.1 percent of the market share.  And honestly, since the numbers are getting so small, it’s tempting to stop there, but the presence of the next site may come as even more of a surprise.

Russian search engine Yandex took third place with 528 million searches and a market share of 2.2 percent.  This means it beat Yahoo, Microsoft, AOL, and Ask, in addition to other European contenders.  It also signals (at least to anyone who wasn’t already aware of the fact) that Russia is a market worth keeping an eye on.

Google will continue to get the lion’s share of attention, though, for as long as it can continue to get involved in four-fifths of European searches.