Google Affiliate Ads For Blogger Launches In UK

    September 17, 2012
    Chris Crum
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Google announced today that it has launched the Google Affiliate Ads For Blogger gadget in the UK. The offering was launched in the US earlier this year.

“When people share words, thoughts and photos on their blogs, they’re sharing their passions with the world,” said product manager Ali Pasha at the time. “Here at Google Affiliate Network, we see that many of our publishers use Blogger, and often times they’re passionate about brands or products that they believe in.”

Bloggers can go to the “Earnings” tab in Blogger and sign up for AdSense, and access the Google Affiliate Ads for Blogger gadget when they write a new post. From that point, just select a relevant affiliate ad from the “Advertise Products” gadget, and publish your post. When someone clicks on the ad, you can earn a commission.

Bestbathrooms.com, Cheapsuites.co.uk, Crooked Tongues, Diamond Manufacturers, eFlorist, Hudsonreed.com, Perfume Click and The Snugg are among the advertisers participating.