Google: AdWords Reaches, AdSense Separates

    April 9, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

A new report becomes available for Google’s AdWords advertising clients, while AdSense publishers will have to take a different path to convince marketers to target their sites for ads.

A Reach and Frequency Performance report announced on the Inside AdWords blog can help marketers make more of their site-targeted AdWords campaigns.

The report breaks down the cost-per-head of a site-targeted campaign. Cost-per-head is a new metric introduced by Google; it’s the average cost for advertisers to reach an individual user.

“The report’s data is calculated by estimating the frequency of your ads from a sample group and then applying it to a full set of impressions to determine their estimated reach,” Google said. “The report is currently only available for site-targeted campaigns created after January 1, 2007.”

Recent changes to AdSense units appearing on Google Partner sites removed the invitation to marketers to advertise on those sites. AdSense Optimization Team member Etienne Jambou explained how publishers can make ad invitations available to visiting advertisers:

Although the