Google AdWords In Odd Places

    February 6, 2006

Tecniblog has some funny Photoshops of Google AdWords in odd places, like on bathing suit bottoms.

A few points:

  • If Google did this, they’d make sure the ads were contextual, like the ad on the model’s tush would either advertise clothes, or say, “Stop staring!”
  • Lets see more of these! Google Blogoscoped has a blimp ad.
  • If people want to start a contest here for these, I could probably come up with a prize
  • Just a few ideas: Tattoo ads, car ads, bus ads, ads on your watch, ads on flowers, ads made out of star constellations (hey, Google has the cash!), ads on soft drinks, ads on burgers, ads on pizza, ads on ads, ads on shoes, ads on babies in a maternity ward, ads on homeless people, ads on doctor’s scrubs, ads on silverware, ads on bibles, ads in books, and, of course, ads on ads on ads.
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