Google AdWords Gets a New Payment Option

    March 25, 2009
    Chris Crum

Google has introduced a new feature for AdWords called "Make a Payment," which allows users to initiate a credit card payment for any amount they want, when it’s convenient for them. The feature allows for overpaying to cover future costs as well.

"When initiating a payment, you can choose to pay off your entire balance or just a portion of it, which is particularly useful if you’d like to divide your balance among several forms of payment," explains Christian Yee of the Inside AdWords Crew. "You can also make a payment for an amount larger than your balance if you’d like to prepay for a certain amount of advertising costs. For example, assume your campaign consistently reaches its daily budget of $2,000. Your billing threshold is $500, which means you’re charged $500 four times a day. If you initiate a payment of $10,000, then your next five days of advertising costs are covered, and you won’t have to incur multiple payments every day."

Google does note that advertisers will still be automatically billed according to their regular billing cycle, so they do not need to worry about missing any payments.

To get started with the Make a Payment feature, users just need to fill out a form, receive an email confirmation, and initiate a payment by going to the billing summary page and clicking "make a payment." The link is located right beneath the account balance.

For some reason the feature is not available in Ireland at this time, but Yee says Google is working on getting it included. More information on the feature is available at the Help Center.