Google AdWords Editor Gets Upgraded To 5.1

    May 15, 2008

Google has announced the release of AdWords Editor 5.1. This new version contains only minor adjustments, but would be quite beneficial for users.

AdWords Editor 5.1 update includes, the previous four tabs for advertisements (text, image, local business, and mobile) now been grouped under a single ‘Ads’ tab. This update has been incorporated due to a constant ‘space issue’ in the interface. However, this issue only bothered a handful of users. Well, it seems Google does recognize the importance of each and every user after all.

There are some posts on Webmaster World on the release of AdWords Editor 5.1. One of the most interesting post that caught my eye, stated:

“If you do upgrade, and you have comments on any of your campaigns, ad groups, keywords, ads, or anything, make sure you export them out first before you do your upgrade! I learned the hard way that upgrades wipe out comments.”

On the other hand, according to Search Engine Roundtable, Google AdWords has scheduled a system-wide maintenance on Saturday, May 17th 2008. The advertisements will be functioning, but the Application Programming Interface (API) will be shut down. So, do not get all worked up, if you do not see your API running. It would be up and running as soon as the maintenance is completed.