Google AdSense For Mobile Arrives

    September 18, 2007

There’s no such thing as a portable La-Z-Boy, but there are comfortable camping chairs.  And although a 42-inch LCD might be ideal, pocket-sized video devices are also popular.  Now, with the formal launch of AdSense for Mobile, Google seems to be getting into the transportability trend.

Google AdSense For Mobile Arrives
Google AdSense For Mobile Arrives

We saw this product enter testing a little over two months ago, and at the time, it looked interesting.  That’s not to say it looked innovative – AdSense for Mobile is exactly what its name leads you to expect – but it matched a potential market demand.

“The mobile device is fast becoming the world’s most popular gateway to information,” notes an official press release.  “In fact, there are currently more mobile devices worldwide than personal computers and televisions combined.”  Publishers will likely rush to take advantage of this opportunity.

Unless, of course, they listen to concerns voiced following an article in The Register.  Paul Fleetwood writes, “Maybe it’s just because I only get a limited number of GPRS Mb bundled with my contract, but when I’m using my phone to get information, the last thing I need is adverts of any kind. . . .  They are a waste of bandwidth, and trying to persuade me whilst I’m on the move, to waste my time looking at a plug for a product is just a waste of everybody’s effort.”

There’s also the matter of competition – Google’s AdSense for Mobile is the first to have reached the market, but Yahoo, AOL, and others are likely working on similar products.