Google AdSense Delivered Courtesy Of Yahoo

Can a fortnight of Google fortify Yahoo?

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Yahoo sought another way to stave off a Microsoft acquisition in opening a two-week deal with search advertising giant Google to deliver its AdSense for Search advertising.

Can a fortnight of Google fortify Yahoo? Jerry Yang and company hope so. Yahoo disclosed a deal that will bring a little bit of Google to Yahoo Search.

“The test will apply only to traffic from yahoo.com in the U.S. and will not include Yahoo!’s extended network of affiliate or premium publisher partners. The test is expected to last up to two weeks and will be limited to no more than 3% of Yahoo! search queries,” Yahoo said in a statement.

Over the past several months, some suggested the way for Yahoo to enhance its business in general would be to outsource search advertising to Google. Such a move could be worth billions to Yahoo, but Google likely faced antitrust scrutiny in such an arrangement.

The limited test allows the two companies to find out what other relationships, if any, they could pursue. Yahoo said it isn’t going to comment about any potential relationship with Google.

Microsoft did comment, and not in a favorable way. General counsel Brad Smith said a Yahoo deal gives Google 90 percent of the online search ad market. “This would make the market far less competitive, in sharp contrast to our own proposal to acquire Yahoo,” said Smith.

Time to discuss a bigger deal probably passed forever when ex-Yahoo CEO Terry Semel balked at a billion dollar price tag for Google years ago. Google’s fortunes soared with their IPO, while Yahoo’s business stagnated in search advertising.

It didn’t have to be that way, and the blame has to fall squarely on Yahoo for its current state. Where Google devoted itself to relevance in search and advertising, Yahoo allowed its search ads to be influenced by advertiser spend more than relevance to users.

Google AdSense Delivered Courtesy Of Yahoo
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  • ROY

    Jerry is going to be Gate’s girl no matter what.  This latest move is illegal.  Jerry is just playing hard to get.  Just like a school girl getting her sweatheart a jelousy hard time.  She’ll be back crying and desperate to you Bill, don’t sweat it!her man.

    Bill, just sit tight.  She’ll be back!  The boy is smart.  He is using her and knows a split is not worth it.

  • http://www.Alliedwarmachine.com Drenalin


    Isn’t that against Google’s TOS for AdSense content?

    Aren’t they in a way making all of the rules and reg’s they have put forth – "that they are the only content based advertising program" that can run on a page irrelevant?

    I wonder if that means they will have to let everyone they kicked out of the AdSense program back into the program?


  • http://darthguru.com Darth Guru

    The idea of GoogleAds right inside Yahoo! search is amazing. One year ago I dont think this would be possible, but in today’s market this are very different. I really think this is Yahoo’s only ‘out’ from Microsofts push. In any event this will prove very fun to watch if nothing else.

  • http://www.factfrenzy.com jawn_tech

    …that Yahoo had an Adsense account.

    When Yahoo acquired Flickr, it took them a long time to finally replace the Adsense ads with Overture ads.

    I wondered back then if they were seeing Adsense performing better than their own Overture.

  • http://aoleonthemartiangirl.com Aoleon

     This is really funny two monopolists calling each other monopolies!



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  • http://www.m4s73r.com/ Internet Marketing Indonesia

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