Google Adds Value to Adwords

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Competition for your Search marketing dollars is heating up, and all of the major engines have announced that major upgrades to their ad serving platforms are in the works.

Much of the focus on these upgrades has concerned Yahoo and MSN, but Google isn’t sitting still. In fact, it announced three significant enhancements to its Adwords platform that will change the way you run Search campaigns. Here’s a roundup of these enhancements with some suggestions for how you can take advantage of them:

1. Google To Add Video to Adwords

On May 22nd, Google announced it will be providing Adwords marketers with the means to rotate video ads throughout Google’s huge contextual partner network. The new ads, dubbed “click to play” (because users must click on them in order for the video to play), can run up to 2 minutes in length. While no formal video specifications have yet been issued, the sample video provided by Google measured 305 x 255 and was embedded in a Flash player window with integrated transport and volume controls. The video ads will be served in the same way that other ads are served in Google’s contextual network; either through keyword or site selection. The ads will only run if their bidding price exceeds that of any text ads which could otherwise be placed within a 336 x 228 pixel “Large Rectangle” Adsense window. Google will reportedly track whether a video ad has been clicked, the amount of time it is watched, and whether a second click is made from the video ad to a destination site.

Google’s decision was widely interpreted as being aimed at brand marketers, but it has taken pains to characterize it as one likely to benefit smaller marketers as well. Thanks to the wide availability of inexpensive digital video recorders and PC-based editing software such as Apple’s FinalCut and Adobe’s Premiere, the costs of producing video content have plunged in recent years, putting video advertising within reach of a mass audience of potential producers.

Do you have some video content in the can that you could re-edit to create an effective Google video ad? Now might be the time to be thinking about putting something online; if this ad format takes off prices for ads will surely rise.

The addition of video as an ad format has many search agencies such as the one Mr. Frog works at transforming themselves into agencies that manage auction media regardless of what the ad format is and whether the ad was placed due sot search, context or behavior. Fun times ahead.

2. Google Adding Dayparting to Adwords

On May 19th, at Search Engine Live Seattle, Google announced that it would introduce ad scheduling (otherwise known as “Dayparting”) for Adwords users sometime in June. This will allow marketers to activate or de-activate campaigns per time of day and bid-boost for exposure at times when their audiences are most likely to convert. In tests, we’ve found that smart dayparting strategies significantly boost campaign conversion rates.

Those of you who don’t use a third party campaign management solution that has been dayparting through the Google API can finally take advantage of this powerful option. You don’t have to wait for Google to roll out Dayparting to begin preparing for the change. Take some time in the next few weeks to go over your analytics data to determine on what day of the week and at what time most of your orders are coming in. Which of these are the most profitable ones? When is your campaign conversion rate at its highest? At its lowest? Get ready now so that you’ll be first out of the gate with a winning campaign when Google activates Dayparting.

Of course, simply having departing control doesn’t help unless you know exactly what to do with that control and have access to the resources to re-evaluate your dayparting decisions regularly due to seasonal changes and changes in the competitive landscape. Technology can help here and using the Google API directly of through a third party specialist may be the answer.

3. Google’s New “AdsBot” Will Soon Begin Scrutinizing Landing Pages

Back in December, Google announced that it would soon be factoring in landing page quality in its computation of Quality Score. Initially, this data was collected by Google’s main crawler, but now Google has deployed a dedicated spider (the AdsBot) whose sole job is to visit landing pages, evaluate their quality, and report back to Google. Interestingly, the AdsBot won’t be limited to the single page it finds linked to an ad, but may follow other links to assess quality. All data returned by the AdsBot will be incorporated into the Quality Score algorithm used by Google to assign minimum CPC prices.

Are your landing pages ready for the almighty AdsBot? Well, if they’re not, you can always elect to block the AdsBot, but if you do, Google will label you a “non-participating advertiser” and automatically lower your Quality Score, which will make your campaigns more expensive to run. Clearly, the best way to handle the new AdsBot is to give it what it wants to see: a well-crafted landing page that’s highly relevant to the keywords you’ve bought and the ad copy you’ve written.

If you haven’t already done so, make sure all your pages conform to Google’s Landing Page and Site Quality Guidelines, available for inspection at https://adwords.google.com/select/siteguidelines.html.

One of the best ways to make sure your site is truly optimized for visitors from an AdWords listing is to use the concept of “information scent” which means that the searcher should easily be able to identify that the landing page is relevant to the search query they used to get there and the ad they selected.

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Google Adds Value to Adwords
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