Google Adds To Its New York Office Space

    June 24, 2008

Converted into acres (1.15), the area doesn’t sound so impressive.  Look at it in another unit of measurement, though, and Google’s 50,000 square feet of fresh office space starts to seem like a lot.

Google has had an office in New York for some time, of course, and it’s expanded the space before, as well.  The company’s total square footage has now passed the 500,000 square foot mark at the very least.

Still, Google isn’t short on people to fill its various corners.  Jennifer 8. Lee reports, "About 300 people, essentially sales and marketing, will occupy the new offices on the second and fourth floors of Chelsea Market, a space that spans three buildings."

Google Chelsea
 Google Gets More Land In Chelsea

Also, even if the idea of a Google office conjures up images of clean-looking, kindergarten-y decorations, she continues, "The theme of Google’s Chelsea offices is "urban parks" – so there is a lot of exposed brick, dirty windows (with signs saying they are left dirty on purpose), graffiti font, metal and AstroTurf-ish grass."

The Mountain View-based search giant seems to be entering another period of expansion.  Earlier this month, it signed a lease with NASA covering 42.2 acres of land.