Google and Predicting Search Trends

    August 18, 2009
    Chris Crum

Update: Google has a fascinating research paper available about how it predicts search trends. Some of the key findings from this research are highlighted in this post at Google’s Research Blog.

Original Article: Google announced a new forecasting feature for its Insights for Search tool today. The feature works for some queries, but there are certain terms for which the feature can’t handle because of past values.

The forecasting is based on an extrapolation of the historical trends and search patterns. Google has also added an animated map so users can see how search interest changes over time in different locations. This is illustrated in the following video.

"This prediction model doesn’t take into account the context of the search term or its category, nor does it account for any business cycles that may be driving a specific market," says Google in the Insights for Search Help Center. "Please treat these forecasts as estimates only, and not as exact predictions of future values."

"Looking at search trends helps you understand when, where and how the world’s interests have changed. Simply type in search terms to see how search query volume has evolved over time, in which geographic regions search interest is greatest and other related searches," Google says.

In addition to these new features, Google also announced that Insights for Search is now available in 39 different languages.