Google’s Matt Cutts Does Some Myth Busting

Will verify legitimacy of blog comments via Twitter

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Google’s Matt Cutts Does Some Myth Busting
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Matt Cutts, Google’s head of webspam, wrote a post on his personal blog telling people to beware of comments appearing on blogs and different sites around the web claiming to be from him when they’re really not.

“A lot of the time, I dispel misconceptions by leaving comments on blogs,” he writes. “That works great, except for the rare occasion when someone pretends to be me and leaves a rude, fake, or otherwise untrue blog comment. Over the previous decade, I’ve only seen 4-5 times where someone impersonated me. But in the last month, I’ve seen at least three nasty comments written by ‘fake Matt Cutts’ impersonators.”

He points to a couple of recent examples, including one where the impostor said Google uses the credit card numbers of AdWords advertisers as a “strong signal” in organic search.

Cutts is telling people to verify the legitimacy of the comments made by people claiming to be him on Twitter, if they’re at all skeptical.

“The web isn’t built to prevent impersonation,” he says. “On many places around the web, anyone can leave a comment with someone else’s name. So if you see a comment that claims to be from me, but makes crazy claims (e.g. that we preference AdWords advertisers in our search results), let me know. I’m happy to verify whether I wrote a comment, e.g. with a tweet.”

He has indeed been doing some myth busting on Twitter today, including tweeting out a video addressing that classic about giving preference to advertisers:

Today’s video: If I buy AdWords, will that cause my algorithmic search rankings to rise? http://t.co/NUDJrWWf Definitive no. 1 hour ago via Tweet Button · powered by @socialditto

@dburks_CW consider me the Snopes to pop that misguided theory. :) 40 minutes ago via web · powered by @socialditto

@Rich_Bendelow or restated: “Billboards can raise awareness of your site & lead to more search traffic” Yet no billboards in algo either. :) 39 minutes ago via web · powered by @socialditto

“The answer is no,” he says in the video. “You don’t get any benefit in Google’s organic or editorial search rankings if you decide to buy AdWords. There’s no boosts. There’s nothing going on in the algorithm there, where if you buy AdWords, you will rank higher in Google’s organic search results. So don’t count on that.”

When someone asked Cutts on Twitter how they knew his tweet really came from him, he replied: “Because now you have a verified tweet. Please don’t make me do a video to verify the tweet.”

Google’s Matt Cutts Does Some Myth Busting
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  • http://www.LAokay.com Steven

    If anything you’d almost expect that if you did buy Adwords ads that your rankings will drop to keep you buying Adwords ads. But I know that’s not true either. What I found interesting about the video response by Matt Cutts was that he said “organic or editorial” when referring to the organic results. I mean you can’t say they are entirely organic if Google can put whatever it wants where it wants for whatever reason it wants. Yes, I know that’s what an algorithm is, but “organic” to me means there is a level playing field for all, which was thrown out of the door the second Google decided to add it’s own website stuff where it wanted to, plus take manual action against sites where it sees fit (instead of fixing the algorithm if it needs to be). Google needs to slow down and take more time to test before they launch something. I just find it hard to believe they do their due diligence with all the algorithm changes they claim they do every year. Not to mention that Google outsources it’s QA to companies who then outsource that job to other people. So it’s a contractor of a contractor doing the job. It’s funny how to be hired for a position at Google you have to go through all these interviews and testing before they’re hire you, but an important job of QA is basically outsourced to companies that outsource to others. I wonder how many interviews the QA people go on for Google to insure they are the right people to be doing QA testing in the first place.

  • http://www.replica-sunglasses.co.uk/womens-sunglasses/ Lisa

    This is very interesting. However its very absurd in terms of credit cards via adwords is a ranking signal. Tats pretty immature, but i can say its like one type of paid link lol.

    However adwords do play a better role in terms of traffic via different set of keywords. And if you are talking about ranking, then its not a signal but its like a referral type of traffic via a trusted source. Where google does belive that if you get traffic from trusted sources by google itself then it will give importance, but that doesn’t means that ranking depends on google adwords.

  • Audrey

    Some sad characters have too much time on their hands so kudos to handsome Matt Cutts for debunking these time-wasting myths.

    On Digital Point I was spammed with “buy Adwords to get out of Panda” private messages. According to that non-nonsensical theory, targeted traffic lowers the bounce rate for your site. Google would never do such a thing, I trust Matt Cutts.

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    If it really happens will be a problem because it will make our website does not make a good impression in front of search engine google

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