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    December 15, 2006

In the spirit of the season, one search engine deserves some special consideration. For every query made through, a small donation will be made to (more or less) the charity of your choice.

Potential Grinches need not worry about the quality of search results. Because GoodSearch is powered by Yahoo, Yahoo users will feel right at home. And if you use Google, Ask, or something else, well . . . give this a try, anyway.

One strange thing about GoodSearch, though, is that you have to sort of “guess and check” to find a charity. The “About Us” sections reveals, “We don’t yet have a good way to display the thousands of nonprofits that are working with us though we’re working on it.”

“In the meantime,” it continues, “please search for the organization you would like to support by entering it into the ‘I’m Supporting’ box on our homepage. If the organization is not yet in our system, please feel free to submit its information by clicking on the ‘Add a New Charity’ link on our homepage.”

Forgive the plug, but the International Wolf Center is already an option, so I’m happy.

And with that quirk documented and out of the way, GoodSearch estimates “that each Web search will generate approximately $0.01 for the designated charity or school.” If this all sounds a little too good to be true, know that GoodSearch proudly displays reviews from sources such as Fortune, The New York Times, and USA Today.

A tip: don’t get too “generous” and try to abuse the system. GoodSearch asks users to “please use this site honestly,” and warns that “fraudulent searches will result in a charity being de-listed.”


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