Good Humor Shortage Causes Summertime Woes

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The Good Humor shortage couldn't have come at a worse time. As temperatures skyrocket across the Northeast, Americans are turning to such seasonal delights as lemonade and ice cream for sweet relief. Unfortunately for those of you with a hankering for something straight off the neighborhood ice cream truck, there's currently a shortage of such products on the market, and it's starting effect those who peddle such wares for a living.

"It sucks to tell someone you don't have something," Bill Pavone, owner of Chilly Billy's Ice Cream in Tonawanda, New York, explained. "In most cases, they'll just pick something else but they'll look a little disgusted."

Chilly Billy isn't the only one currently experiencing troubles thanks to the shortage. Brian Collis, owner of Mr. Ding-a-Ling Ice Cream Inc. in Latham, New York, claims that his diminishing Good Humor supply is slowly but surely eating into his profits. In fact, sales are already down 5 percent this year. If the company doesn't start meeting summertime demands, many retailers are convinced they may have to switch to one of Good Humor's competitors.

According to the Associated Press, the shortage, which includes the popular Toasted Almond Bar, is due to the early bouts of heat the country experienced this spring. Additionally, the closing of the company's Hagerstown manufacturing plant has caused a number of production problems, resulting in the shortage ice cream moguls are experiencing at the moment.

"It's pretty amazing that they couldn't be more prepared for something like this," Joey Simonton, who owns Joey's Ice Cream Trucks in Charleston, West Virginia, remarked.

However, a spokesperson from Good Humor claims that everything should be right as rain by July. Of course, with temperatures rapidly approaching the 90's in some parts of the country, ice cream fanatics may have to turn to alternate sources for temporary relief from the heat.