Good Expansion Of Wireless Email Support Bad For RIM

    July 11, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

Helped by its acquisition of JP Mobile, Good Technology will work on extending its Exchange support to Domino and Groupwise.

Wireless push email company Good Technology plans to offer its products to firms using IBM Lotus Notes and Domino, and Novell Groupwise. Good has purchased Dallas-based JP Mobile to aid in that expansion.

JP Mobile’s operations, based in Dallas and India, will be integrated into the company. “By integrating key components of JP Mobile’s server and security technologies with our GoodLink server, service, and client software, Good will be able to extend its mobile messaging and PIM system to all of the leading corporate messaging platforms,” said Danny Shader, CEO, Good Technology.

Those platforms include Microsoft Exchange, where Good already has a presence, to Domino and Groupwise. Good hopes to sell its GoodLink technology to those businesses supporting 118 million users on Domino and 34 million on GroupWise.

According to The Register, Good claims to have sold its technology to half of the Fortune 100 companies. And about half the Fortune 100 use Domino, which has a strong presence throughout Europe. By moving to add focus on Domino and Groupwise, Good seems to be navigating away from battling Microsoft directly on push email.

Microsoft announced built-in push email support for Exchange 2003 SP 2 at a conference earlier this year. The Redmond-based software company heavily emphasized the benefit of not having to use third-party services to provide push email, should an enterprise choose to use Exchange to do so instead.

While Research In Motion has continued to tout its technology and market leadership advantages, Good seems to be reading the writing on the wall in trying to position itself away from Microsoft’s crosshairs.

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