Good Content, No Marketing – Unlinked

    April 30, 2007

If you are not nepotistic in your marketing some of your best content will go unnoticed, especially if you write at a level that is beyond most of your readers. Many of the people who are popular are not popular just because of content quality…there are so many nepotistic partnerships that go unspoke of that it is quite scary.

Anyway, here is a brilliant post by Andy Hagans about how to sell a site for a million dollars. He is a friend, and the link may be nepotistic, but I am surprised that it got so little traction for how great it is. I guess more bloggers want to be told their blog is worth a million than want to learn how to get those million dollars in hand. To each their own.

You can tell that he is writing from his experience and learning while he is actively doing what he is talking about. That is typically where the best ideas come from…when you escape ideals and theory and talk about the trends you see right now and what is working for you right now.