Goldie Hawn at 67: Charity, Cycling, and Grandchildren

    May 25, 2013
    Sean Patterson
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Goldie Hawn gained fame in the 70s, 80s, and 90s as a comedic actress in movies such as Overboard and Death Becomes Her. The 67-year-old actress may have put aside her acting career a decade ago, but she is still making the rounds in Hollywood circles.

Since stepping aside and allowing her daughter, Kate Hudson, to take over the family acting business, Hawn has kept herself busy lending her name and image to charity. According to a Los Angeles Times report, the 67-year-old actress was spotted just this week at a charity event in Cannes, France, where the 66th annual Cannes Film Festival is being held.

Hawn attended the Foundation for AIDS Research’s (amfAR) annual Cinema Against AIDS charity auction. She was joined by stars such as Zachary Quinto, Nicole Kidman, Jeremy Renner, Adrien Brody, Christoph Waltz, and amfAR Ambassador Janet Jackson. AmfAR has stated that this year’s auction raised $25 million for HIV and AIDS research.

When she’s not lending her name to AIDS research, the retired actress spends time with her longtime boyfriend of 30 years, Kurt Russell, as well as her children and grandchildren. She is also an avid cyclist. Hawn chronicles her love of cycling through her Twitter feed, and also shows that she still has a sense of humor:

(Image courtesy amfAR)

  • http://Yahoo Beverly Driscoll

    Goldie you are beautiful! Thank you for not deforming your face like so many Hollywood actresses!

    • freddy

      I think you better take another look at her face bfore you make a statement like that


    I can picture the Headline 150 years from now………

    Actress GOLDIE HAWN died today at age 217! The cause of death

    was determined as a TERMINAL CASE OF CUTE.

  • barry

    Goldie has given still gives and makes so many people happy with her Sunny Character and delightful shares.

  • bob curran

    I am 67 myself and tuned in whenever i could to watch her on “Laugh In”.
    She is noted for her cuteness but lets not forget she is a very accomplished Actress and that is what she is noted for.
    I am so glad she has stayed so straight and responsible all these years-that a girl Goldie!

  • http://webpronews Marvin Burrell Sr.

    Goldie, You are so beautiful inside and out. I have been enjoying
    your wit,wisdom and beauty since early laugh in. you’ve still got it
    baby. from your 70 year old, perpetual fan.

  • Anne

    Goldie is so special. Two of my alltime favorite movies are Overboard (I watch it over and over for good laughs) and Sugarland Express (it was the first I saw you in and so funny).

  • http://aa@my.yahoo.com mike n.

    I am still a huge fan of you and your daughter, Kate. I hope to C U on the big screen again soon! Go Goldie Go!

    • Tommie

      Thanks Goldie for all the laughs, My favorites were private Benjamin and seems like old times with co-star Chevy Chase

  • Curt Davis

    Goldie looks healthy and happy. It’s good to see. I’ve always liked her.

  • linda anderson

    goldie i think you and kurt should get married. dont you think it would fun to have a huge wedding? i do hope you will go to a protestant church that believes in the lord. those are baptist,christian and methodist to name some. thank you for your time.

  • http://www.ambestsquad.bravehost.com Jim Rish

    All her movies are real good. I think I’ll watch Private Benjamin again.

  • max stamm

    We were born the same day 11/2/1945, but I’m male and could never look as good! You look ==Great!!!!

  • max stamm

    We aere born the same day 11/2/1945, You look great

  • Jack Ragan

    Never mind how the young lady looks, as I am 91+ I most remember how I enjoyed her comedy on, if I remember, on Laugh In.
    Don’t let numbers scare you I’m still kicking but not too high.

  • David

    I have always envied KURT for his life with Goldie — Who wouldn’t LOVE such a Beautiful Happy person . I’ll bet his days are fun with her and family . Too bad she went for a younger guy — might have stood a chance —- LOVE you Kiddo !!

  • timothy k crowder

    i would just like to go to dinner with the two of them at rideau ferry inn. i am just about dead i am in the kingston general hospital bad motor clycle acc it would be nice to meet real stars

  • Larry

    The first time I met Goldie Hawn was at the San Frisco airport protesting the soldiers who were just coming home from Vietnam She is another Honi Jane….

  • Robert

    Let it go that was 1968 I am sure she has changed over the years.