GoFish Adds Two Partners

    March 15, 2007

GoFish Corporation, an online video company has struck a licensing partnership with Undergroundfilm and Big Film Shorts to offer independent short films on the GoFish Network.

"Our goal is for GoFish to be the lightning rod for creative talent on the Internet," said Michael Downing, founder and CEO of GoFish. "Whether licensed content, user-created, or our unique made-for-Internet programming, we will continue to populate the GoFish Network with the Web’s highest-quality video content."

Big Film Shorts and its channel, Nano offer a library of short films imported from around the globe. Its short film collection covers a variety of film categories and includes acting talent such as Felicity Huffman, David Hyde Pierce and Taye Diggs, among others.

"The professionals at GoFish have been a pleasure to work with and we’re confident they will find the best ways possible to get our Nano channel to the public," said David Russell, president of Big Film Shorts. "We look forward to a long and fruitful partnership."

Undergorundfilm, which operates undergroundfilm.com, has a broad collection of short films available. The company acts as an alternative for filmmakers who don’t have access to, or choose to avoid, traditional distribution channels.

"We’ve helped develop many filmmakers over the years," says Daniel Watts, director of programming for Undergroundfilm. "We are pleased to offer them premium web delivery through GoFish as an integral part of our on and off-web distribution options."

GoFish believes the agreement with Undergroundfilm and Big Film Shorts will enhance their library of licensed content and made for Internet programming.