GoDaddy Makes Twitter Part Of Domain Registration Process

Implies all site owners should have accounts

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GoDaddy is sometimes hard to take seriously; its marketing department seems to be run by the same bunch of teenage boys in charge of Axe commercials.  But GoDaddy is still the world’s largest domain registrar, and it’s poised to help Twitter with a new step in its registration process.

GoDaddy seems to have made the assumption that anyone wanting to create a website will also want to establish a presence on Twitter.  Adam Ostrow reports that it’s actually "integrated Twitter registration into its domain manager, allowing you to see if the Twitter username that matches your URL is available, and if so, register it."

This says a great deal about how important Twitter has become to the people at GoDaddy (and indeed, you can find GoDaddyDeals, GoDaddyJobs, and GoDaddyGuy Twitter accounts, with that last one being rather popular and putting out about ten tweets per day). 


It says something about what GoDaddy thinks its customers want, too.

And since every single GoDaddy customer probably hasn’t been switching back and forth between the domain registrar and Twitter while trying to name a company, this development may introduce Twitter to a lot of new people.

GoDaddy Makes Twitter Part Of Domain Registration Process
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  • Bill

    There’s also “domaincheck” which lets you check domain availability with Go Daddy via direct messages.

  • http://mxproject.com frog

    It will be weird if Go daddy charges for twitter reegistration since you can get a twitter account for free.

    I agree Go Daddy marketing seems too be run by teenage boy since they have all those commercials with Danica patrick wearing revealing clothing and doing suggestive things.

    • http://www.seosean.com SEO Services

      It will cost you an additional $2.99 to register your domain with twitter… Just kidding :), but I could totally see them doing that. There checkout is horrible and reminds me of the scam sites.

  • http://inchoo.net Toni Anicic

    Their marketing might be a bit of immature but it appears that they’re doing just fine with it, it must have worked on their targeted audience.

  • http://UserWorthy.com Tommy Linsley

    If GoDaddy were real smart, they would integrate KnowEm.com to check the name across all (well, most) social networks, instead of just Twitter. Maybe I shouldn’t give them this advice for free. But what the check. I’m here to help.

  • http://www.abundantace.com/ ace

    Stay away from using anything of godaddys. Their webhosting is crap and they don’t whois protect the domains no matter what they say. I had moved all of my domains away from them a few years back when some telemarketing scum had gotten my name, address and phone number. And it was because godaddy did not protect the domain information despite the fact that I had paid for whois protection. When godaddy refused to rectify the problem, I moved all of my domains away from them.

    Cheap service does not mean good service.

  • http://www.twitterdirectory2000.com Twitter Directory 2000

    Twitter hit the mainstream with GoDaddy adding them to the domain process!

  • http://www.oneelevenmedia.com Sydney Website Designers

    This move doesn’t surpise me as Godaddy will probably try to sell everything including the kitchen sink. I have an account with Godaddy and it can be frustrating registering domain names from all the offers they keep throwing at you.

  • http://Threads.ecrater.com Threads Vintage Woodstock Revival Wear

    I use GoDaddy, but not because I wanted to… my host provided went under w/o telling us users and godaddy swooped on all of our domains… it was a nightmare to get them back and all info was lost…

    Dealing with godaddy.com is horrid… soooo sloooooow… and about the only thing I can say nice about them is telephone support is friendly, not always right, not always truthful, but friendly! lol :D

    In fairness they do sometimes do what they say they’re going to do… it just may take them two+ weeks and several more ph calls and emails to give them a gentle nudge… lol :D

  • Kath

    BE CAREFUL WHEN BUYING DOMAINS FROM GODADDY.COM. It is such a very unpleasant and horrible experience FOR ME with Godaddy.com. The domains, which I bought from Godaddy were taken back by them without my consensus and they put on sale at double prices! It is such a way of stoling domains from their own customer! Thus, it is questionalble should we trust them and make any deal with them in the future. My answer is NEVER and NEVER. You dont know what they gonna trap you!!! Lets make a deal with other reliable and trustworthy registrar

    I bought domains from them and payment was done correctly. My name was listed as the owner of those domains in about 18 days. Then they suddently sent me an email and said they locked my account on their website, which also means that I could not access the information on my domains. They reasoned that it was a fraud prevention method to make sure if I was the authorized person of the transfer. Asked for passport photos and transfer method! Which is too stupid as if the bank account holder does not claim, what is the point of doing so! Godness, money was transfered to their account 18 days ago! Anyway, they already got my money. YOu know what happened then. I found that they put their name as the owners of my domains in stead of my name and continue to sell my domains at double prices for backorder while still keeping my money! I lost my money and domains! They got all. They said some refund may be done but because they know my credit card will be expired before money can be refunded into my account! What an fantastic trap!!!!


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