God of War: Ascension Demo Bundled With Total Recall Blu-Ray in Europe

    December 17, 2012
    Sean Patterson
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The Total Recall remake may have been one of the summer’s biggest flops, but Sony is now looking to pump the movie’s video sales with one of the most anticipated PlayStation 3 games of 2013.

Sony announced today that most European and Australian copies of Total Recall‘s Extended Director’s Cut on Blu-Ray will include access to the single player demo of God of War: Ascension. A voucher code on an insert inside the case will allow gamers to download the demo via the PlayStation Network.

U.S. God of War fans are being left out of the deal, perhaps because Total Recall‘s box office totals there were so poor. Germany has also been excluded, but gamers in the U.K., Ireland, France, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, all Nordic countries, Australia, New Zealand, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Greece, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Israel, Turkey, and South Africa will be able to get the demo with the Blu-Ray.

The demo will be the one seen at this year’s E3, presumably with the bipedal elephant mini-boss. Sony stated the demo will give players a chance to experience the game’s new combat system and gameplay elements before its release in March. Gamers will have to decide whether the demo is worth over €20 and whether it’s worth the possibility of being caught owning a Blu-Ray copy of Total Recall.

  • Lionel Keener

    I’m a PS3 Plus member and I feel that by Sony only offering the demo to only segments of its base is a slap in the face to all its PS members. The segments that get the demo via the blu-ray are paying for the demo because the Total Recall movie sucked, I know because I paid to see it.

    • CJ

      Could not agree more. I myself bought the God of War: Saga because we were told we’d get early beta access by activating the code on November 11th..but instead Sony let the date slip by more than a month and now says those users have to wait until January 8th…and we don’t even get a single player demo??? Unreal…never thought i’d see the franchise handled so poorly.


    Rented TotalRecll today…99% for GOW Demo & 1% for movie,I love GOd Of War SONY just made A COLASSOL MISTAKE by denieing USA gamers the Playable Demo,the backlash SONY will receive from this will be ongoing until March 2013

  • MP

    Just wanted to say I live in America and have the demo after purchasing total recall,the articles about America not getting it are the way they are because America has it today,and it’s other places on the 26th fear not America :)

    • BRIAN

      That’s WONDERFULL NEWS MP!! Thanx!!… Mr.Patterson get ur facts from a reliable source B4 U report such heartbreaking news