Goal Setting and Technorati 100

    April 2, 2007

Do you set achievable goals both on your on-line activities and in your off-line personal life? I certainly do, though some of them I keep private, and a few I leave hints about.

A few days ago Dawud tagged me in the "Gotta get goals" meme.

Here is a quick answer that fits the meme

1. Family

2. Home

3. Security

4. Happiness

5. Sharing

6. Success

A long answer on any of those question might be repeating myself, or potentially too revealing, and I like to be subtle about longer term business goals, though I do drop quite a few hints to add a little mystique.

I think at the end of the day the meme is aimed at revealing a little about yourself that others might not know, and to be honest there is a huge amount already that I have written, but most of my readers might not have seen.

Lets delve back into the distant past…. in blogging terms over the last 3 months is pretty distant.

I took part in the 5 Things About Me meme, and that had some mention of family goals.
I also mentioned Michel Fortin’s New year resolution "Earn more. Work less. Enjoy better." and suggested I would add "share more".

Hmm, I am currently working more and earning less.. but at least they are aimed at a long-term goal or earning a lot more, and not having to work because I need money.

I think I am doing fairly well on the "Share more".

Michel tagged me in the "Why Do I Blog" meme – I shared a lot of inner motivation and business goals in that post, and I doubt most of my subscribers have read it.

I wasn’t too revealing in the 5 questions meme, but continued the business thread.

My about page mentions the house we are building – one of these days I will post some photos but there is a good chance we will be moving in later this year.

Short Term Blogging Goals

I did set one attainable blogging goal some time ago, to get in the Technorati Top 100 (favorited sites)

I said at the time

I was just browsing Technorati.

It would only take 67 favorites to get in their top 100 favorites

Top 50 – currently only 115 favorites

327 Favorites to get in their Top 10 !

Those are realistic targets for any blogger (not just me)

Much more realistic than the most linked to blogs. You would need links from 3000+ blogs

As is the nature of the internet, goals such as this have ever receding horizons, thus the number of Technorati favorites needed to get in the top 100 has increased somewhat.


Technorati Favorites

If I doubled the number of people who joined my Technorati Favorites, I would currently be ranked 37 – a very achievable target.
If every one of my subscribers added me to their favorites, I would actually be in the Top10

I can’t tell you whether being in the Top100 sends any traffic, or the Top10, or whether it helps with Technorati relevance. I do know that Technorati visit my blog and feeds a lot looking for updates, far more often than I ping them.

There is also the potential benefit (speculation) that it might help ranking in Google BlogSearch.

Technorati visiting me frequently does have some advantages. All those links to my favorites that show on the sidebar get seen as incoming links, and I have seen quite a few visits by people checking their Technorati for what I have written about them. A sneaky way to get more traffic, but also share the love.

It would be nice if a few more reciprocated.


*Originally published at AndyBeard.eu