Go For A Total Redesign

    June 9, 2003

A Site Review Of Gaslamp.org By Roland VonOhlsen of VWebWorld.com.

1. The first impression – a lot of information! First page “New Orleans-y”. Mutliple marketing “messages” which is understandable given the variety of resources. A more compact design, perhaps using the site index on the first page.

If the paragraphs of info are to remain your should add relevant links within those paragraphs. So the viewer can go directly to the subject page that interests him/her… rather than having to go up to the menu and choose the item.

2. Pick a color…PLEASE. Black is dramatic, but doesn’t work for all the subjects/resources. White/off white works. The first page is TOTALLY different than all the others… at least the others have a consistant navigation and logo…. Well, except for the “history” page which is horizontal rather than vertical and is too wide even at 1024×768.

3. The events should be organized by date not title… visitors have no idea what event title to look for, but they do know when they may be visiting. Smaller description paragraphs will enable you to condense the page’s content and enable the viewer to see more without having to scroll.

5. Next level? I’d do a total redesign… with the goal of having “major” pages requiring no or minimal viewer scrolling. If you are targeting the tourist… then also cater to them, make the site “user friendly” to them.

Two thoughts: a) have “suggested iteneraries” that guide/take the viewer through shopping, dinning, etc <-- item that interest THEM. b) maybe have a check off list of interests that the viewer would complete (shopping, food, nightlife...art...etc) where upon completion a site tour covering the interests they selected is presented. Roland VonOhlsen http://www.vwebworld.com

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