Go Daddy ‘Nerd Sex Symbol’ Is No Stranger To The Ladies

By: Chris Crum - February 5, 2013

Apparently the guy in that GoDaddy Super Bowl ad is now a “sex symbol“. I’m not sure exactly what qualifies one for that title, but I suppose making out with a supermodel in front of an audience of millions helps.

The man’s name is Jesse Heiman and the esteemed CNET points to his IMDB page and his Facebook profile:

Jesse Heiman

Based on his various public Facebook photos, he does seem to be somewhat popular with the ladies:








Then, of course there’s his claim to fame:

Heiman has also appeared as “Computer Guy” in Noobz, “Water Fountain Drinker” in an episode of Parks And Recreation, “Stumbling Student” on Suburgatory, “Nerd” on Awkward, “Nerd” in Detention, “Hotdog Buying Guy” on How I Met Your Mother, “Member of Wil Wheaton’s Entourage,” and even “Student” in The Social Network.Other roles include: “3rd UFL Enthusiast,” “Member of the Highschool Video Club,” “Mondo Gelato Customer,” “Chemistry Class Student,” “Prey,” and “Nerdy Guhy”. He once played “Party Guy” in Privileged.

The Go Daddy ad was created by the Deutsch NY agency, which was also responsible for some other Super Bowl spots, like the controversial VW ad.

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  • Marty

    They are making a joke out of him.Maybe he should layoff the HOTDOGS and do a spot on a weight watchers or Subway commercial