Go Daddy Goes to India with First International Hire


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Go Daddy is getting ready to go international and the focus of their new efforts is in India. That's right, India is a priority in their global expansion plan.

Today they announced the hire of Rajiv Sodhi as Managing Director of Go Daddy India. It is an exciting moment for the company as Sodhi is their first-ever international executive.

Sodhi is responsible for overseeing Go Daddy's expansion in the market and is currently busy putting together his team in the region.

Go Daddy CEO Warren Adelman comments on hiring Sodhi to the Go Daddy team:

"We knew we needed an experienced technologist, with a deep understanding of India's culture and our Go Daddy brand of customer service. Rajiv’s 14 years of experience in the technology space brings all these qualities to our business, as well as his strategic view on how to help grow online businesses,"

"Together, our vision is to expand our footprint in India, hire locally and serve customers in India with people who speak their language."

Rajiv Sodhi comments on joining the Go Daddy team:

"Go Daddy's understanding of small business needs, their capacity to serve a large customer base and their commitment to first-rate service are the primary attributes that drew me to Go Daddy India,"

"Go Daddy offers a one-stop shop for small businesses and consumers who are looking to grow their businesses on the Internet. From a simple domain name, or a mobile website, to cloud services, Go Daddy has it all."

"This is the dawn of a new era for Go Daddy,"

"In the months ahead, Go Daddy India will be ramping up our investments in people, assets and resources."

Go Daddy India will be based near New Delhi where engagements are already underway. Last month the company hosted two Web developer events in Chennai and Mumbai. Go Daddy Senior Director of Product Development Gomathi Rajesh spoke at both events addressing almost two hundred developers about various opportunities in online businesses.

Go Daddy is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, but they also have offices in Canada, Asia, and Europe. India is expected to grow into their largest international office.