Gnomedex Getting Close to Sold Out

    June 2, 2005

Earlier this evening I had dinner with Chris Pirillo. He’s very excited about his conference, named Gnomedex and told me that tickets are almost sold out so if you wanna come, don’t wait too much longer to get a ticket.

Let’s see, Adam Curry is coming and hinted the other day that he might show off some new Apple podcasting technology at Gnomedex (if Steve Jobs gives him permission). Dave Winer is gonna be keynoting too, and Dave’s been programming something related to OPML/Outlines lately. I wonder if he’ll show it off? Remember, when I was director of marketing at UserLand I demonstrated Dave’s Radio UserLand product for the first time in public at Gnomedex.

Google is sponsoring a party.

Marc Canter, co-founder of Macromedia, and J.D. Lasica co-founder of Ourmedia, are coming. So are Dan Gillmor (citizen journalism expert), Matt Mullenweg (founder of WordPress), Kathy Gill, teacher at University of Washington, Eric Rice, Engadget’s podcaster, Asa Dotzler, Firefox dev, Phillip Torrone, the world’s top geek, Julie Leung (don’t miss her presentation!), Denise Howell (she alone takes better notes than 100 bloggers and is my favorite law blogger), Steve Rubel (the PR guy so good he got a full-page photo in BusinessWeek), Chris Sloop, founder of company that makes WeatherBug, Mark Fletcher, founder of Bloglines, John Battelle, search expert, And Chris says he has lots of other cool and geeky speakers

Gnomedex might be small in size, but I’ll bet it gets more blogging than most “big” conferences. Why? Cause there’s a lot of press showing up and because Chris is so influential.

Oh, heck, stop the spin Scoble. Steve Gillmor is gonna be there. So you know you’ll hear something about this show. Especially because his talk is titled “Attention, Full-text Feeds, and Why Chris Pirillo Doesn’t Get It.”

Ahh, a man after my own heart.

I wonder what Microsoft is gonna announce on stage, though? Hey, Bill Gates, are we gonna show off anything cool at Gnomedex? Or are we gonna let Steve Jobs (er, Adam Curry) and Eric Schmidt have all the fun in our backyard?

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