GMale, Google’s Perfect Boyfriend, Knows All Your Secrets

Google: "We're really good listeners."

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GMale, Google’s Perfect Boyfriend, Knows All Your Secrets
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Have you ever wondered how a life partner created by Google would function?

This video from the people at Comediva gives us a look into G-Male, the perfect male.

At first, the Google creation seems like a Godsend – he knows your schedule, your sandwich making habits and he can find all of your misplaced items. Wow!

But after a while, things begin to get strange when GMale begins assigning you circles. Then he uses his “active listening” to pick up on “keywords” to discern his female companion’s favorite color. Things take a turn when GMale begins to know a little too much about you.

“Google is taking the guesswork and confusion out of what you need in a relationship. Because how can we give you everything you need if we don’t listen to everything you say?”

Check it out below –

This isn’t the first time we’ve covered someone poking fun at Google’s privacy issues by making a Gmail reference. Back in July, a video leaked from a Microsoft conference called Gmail Man. The video shows a mailman who reads everyone’s mail, and is quite unapologetic about it.

GMale, Google’s Perfect Boyfriend, Knows All Your Secrets
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