Gmail To Take Your Picture

    May 11, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

A forthcoming feature in Google’s Gmail service will let its users associate a photo with a name in the Gmail inbox.

Gmail Pictures did not receive a mention at the recent Google Press Day event, probably due to the limited rollout of the service. ZDNet’s Google blogger Garett Rogers did notice it and posted an entry referring to the announcement.

“With contact pictures in Gmail, you can pick ones for yourself, see which ones your friends have chosen, and set certain pictures to show up for specific people in your Gmail account. Best of all, you can even send picture suggestions to your friends,” said the newest note on Gmail’s “What’s New?” page.

Google provided further details about Gmail Pictures separately. Users will see the pictures they have assigned to names, and can view pictures others have assigned themselves.

For privacy, Gmail Picture users can be limited to show photos only to people who have permission to see when that user is online. If users should decide to chat through Gmail’s use of Google Talk, they will notice another feature new to Gmail: a “ping” sound when someone sends them a chat.

Also, Gmail users should have noticed something after logging in to check their mail recently. The New feature! link reveals that another feature has been moving out to Gmail’s userbase.

In the Spam and Trash folders, users can click a single link to empty those folders at once. Gmail will prompt for confirmation of the action before making all of the messages in the folder vanish.


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