Gmail Spam Is Gone

    October 24, 2005

This interesting post by a GMail engineer reminded me: I’m not getting any spam at all in my GMail accounts! …

When it started out, it was pretty clean, but then the spam started trickling in, and it was like “oh no, here we go again.” But now, there is pretty much none, and I don’t seem to miss messages either.

Yahoo seems to be doing a really good job on the email spam problem, too.

Not so for one of my legacy company email accounts. :( Perhaps Google will be nice and acquire a few web hosting companies and teach them how to do their jobs better. There does seem to be some variation in the competency of various web hosts in their treatment of email, as we’ve recently found. One of my clients, Domain Direct, has been better about email than other web hosts we’ve been through. (Disclaimer: they’re a client, so I like them.)

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