Gmail Previews PowerPoint Files

    June 18, 2007

Gmail added a new feature last week: a PowerPoint viewer. Now, if someone emails you a PowerPoint presentation (.PPT or .PPS file) as an email attachment, you can click a View As HTML or View As Slideshow link to view that file in your web browser.

Presumably, this takes advantage of features developed for Google Docs’ upcoming Google Presentations software, which is supposed to release sometime this summer, or even uses some of the tech acquired from Tonic Systems earlier this year.

Lack of Office 2007 Support

Perhaps someone at Google could explain why they don’t support Microsoft Office 2007 formats yet, either for previewing or sending to Google Docs, when the beta was released over a year ago, and the software has been sold since November? This screenshot should have links to View As HTML and Open as a Google Document, as shown in Ionut Alex’s screenshot of what Gmail does with .DOC files, but Gmail doesn’t support .DOCX yet. Why not? There’s been plenty of time.