Gmail Mobile Is Great!

    November 14, 2006

I’ve been trying out the new Gmail Mobile email service on my mobile phone.

It’s great. Easy-to-navigate presentation of information. Easy to manage my emails, from reading to replying to composing a new message. Very fast site loading, although that may be a lot to do with a strong 3G network connection.

The richness of how the information looks on screen is a vast improvement on what it looked like before when I last accessed Gmail on my mobile. That was sometime in September. Perhaps the phone has something to do with it.

I now have a Nokia N73 – it came with my new phone contract with Vodafone UK – which has a massive screen with the best resolution I’ve seen on any mobile phone. (Plus a fab 3.2 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics – can’t wait to get back into moblogging again.)

One curious thing to me is that my Gmail account is now shown as Google Mail, not Gmail. My account definitely is Gmail and my email address remains with the’ suffix, so I’m guessing this could be because I’m accessing Gmail from within the UK. This relates to Google having to rename the Gmail service in the UK last year.

Whatever it’s called, Gmail Mobile rocks!



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