Gmail Goes Out of Bounds

    November 27, 2007

I really like Google’s Gmail program. It’s truly my favorite email service. They also do a great job scanning through my emails for relevant keywords and phrases that they match with their advertisers.

However, recently they have fouled and have gone out of bounds. In my recent emails to friends and family, I’ve used the terms "wife", "husband" and "happily married" a lot referring to my recent marriage.

This was Google’s response:

google promtes infidelity

Perhaps I’m a little sensitive or maybe it’s because I was raised as a conservative Catholic. But regardless of anyone’s background, why would Google, with their "Do No Evil" policy promote cheating and infidelity? It’s also ironic that the Google founders recently got married (I think one will wed next month).

It is an issue of money vs. morality when exposing disturbing ads to married people for ad revenue.