Gmail Gives Users New Default Text Styling Feature

    December 2, 2009
    Chris Crum

Google has introduced a new Gmail Labs feature, which gives Gmail users control over the default style of their text. In other words, you can set how you like your text to appear normally, and it will automatically appear that way.

"In the early days of email, messages were simple text meant to be read on a terminal. But with the growth of the web came the advent of HTML email, and overnight people began expressing themselves through bold and italics, colors and images, and whatever else their creativity inspired," Google says. "If you like to use a specific text style for your messages, you’ve had to change the font every time you’re about to start typing out an email."

The purpose of this new Labs feature is to change that. If you turn the feature on, you can easily control how your message looks and alter that setting when you need to.

Gmail Text Styling Labs feature

"If you live and breathe code, now you can set your default text style to a monospace font. If your life is purple, your email can be, too," the company adds. "But remember: whatever you see is what your recipients will see, so be nice to them and try not to clog the intertubes with ginormous bold italicized red script."

Just like with any other Gmail Labs feature, you will need to go to the Labs tab in your settings and activate it. If you’ve not messed around with Gmail’s Labs features, you will likely find some other useful features to activate as well.

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