Gmail Gets One-Click Translation Lab

    May 19, 2009
    Chris Crum

Today Google announced the integration of automatic translation technology directly into Gmail. This integration comes in the form of a lab, so it will have to be activated.

When you receive an email in a language that is not your native one, Gmail will help you translate it in one click. The feature looks like this:

Gmail Translation Lab

If everyone is using Gmail, you can seamlessly (except for that whole language barrier thing) have whole conversations in multiple languages with each person using their native language.

"It’s not quite the universal translators we’re so fond of from science fiction, but thanks to Google Translate, it’s an exciting step in the right direction," says Software Engineer Darren Lewis on the Gmail Blog. "I use this feature everyday to help me work with teammates around the globe (they think my Japanese is much better than it really is…shhhh!)."

In other Gmail news, Gmail for mobile is getting some new features. Yesterday, they announced the addition of colored labels. Regular Gmail users have enjoyed these for a while, but mobile has been a different story. A post on the Google Mobile blog promises more to come.