Gmail for Mobile Getting New Features

    May 18, 2009
    Chris Crum

About a month ago, Google announced a new version of Gmail for mobile for iPhone and Anrdroid devices. Now, they have introduced "the Iterative Web App," an initiative, in which they will release features for this new version periodically.

Today, Google has introduced the labels feature for Gmail for Mobile. This allows users to use color-coded tags. "To label an email, select a message then tap ‘Label as…’ from the drop-down menu on the Floaty Bar," explains Google Mobile Product Marketing Manager Heaven Kim. "In the pop-up menu, select the label(s) you would like to use and tap ‘Apply’. Please note, you can add and remove existing labels to your emails in Gmail for mobile, but labels can only be created, renamed and deleted in the desktop version."

Gmail Mobile Labels

For more about Gmail labels in general, you can refer to this blog post from late 2007, where Google introduced colored labels.

Google Mobile is quickly getting a lot of new cool features. Within the last week, they introduced a way to map the sky – constellations and planets. This was introduced at the company’s Searchology event. On Thursday, they announced Google Product Search for Android with barcode scanning. Doug posted a piece on that.

Of course, the new Android 1.5 release comes equipped with a number of new features including easy video uploads, and Picasa uploads, search by voice with improved speech recognition and more.

As for Gmail, we see new features for that just about everyday. It’s probably only a matter of time before most of them make it to the mobile version.