Gmail Falters Yet Again

    March 10, 2009

Yahoo Mail and Hotmail must be looking pretty tempting to certain Gmail users right now.  Yet another Gmail outage has occurred, and once again, there’s been little official word regarding causes, effects, and timetables.

Intermittent problems cropped up sometime early this morning.  A note on the Apps Status Dashboard (which was introduced less than two weeks ago) claims that only "a small subset of users" was inconvenienced, and things are working again for most people, so this isn’t a repeat of February 24’s headline-grabbing failure.

Gmail Status

The reappearance of any issues so soon after the worldwide blackout is sure to exacerbate concerns about Gmail’s reliability, though.  Google’s vague statement that "[t]he rest of the users should be coming back online within the next 24-36 hours" isn’t overly comforting, either.

The situation will seem worse still if it turns out users of Google Apps Premier Edition (the version that costs money) were affected.  Offers of credit won’t cut it with businesses customers after a while.

Well, again, this development is good for Gmail’s competitors, anyway.  They’d surely like to keep Google from dominating more markets.